Guidelines for Abstracts

Dear participants, the submission of the abstract must be done and sent to email before deadline (March 15th).

For writing abstract please use template. Template should be named "" of registered author. Please pay attention what is the format of stored files, it should be in the "doc" not in "docx"!

Please note: paid registration fees does not imply the publication of paper that is not passed the peer review. Only accepted abstracts and papers with paid registration fees can be presented at the Symposium and published in the Proceedings. One paid registration fee includes a maximum of two papers.

All abstracts are written and presented in English. Linguistic accuracy is the responsibility of the authors. Abstracts must not exceed 2,250 keystrokes. (including spaces). For characters verification, please use Word count option. Please do not include tables, figures, keywords and references. Abstracts must contain a clear statement of the purpose of the work, the methods used, the results, and conclusions. Results should be presented in sufficient detail to support the conclusions drawn.

Reviewers will be advised to reject abstracts that do not contain data, since it is very difficult to evaluate the suitability of these abstracts for presentation. The decision on acceptance/rejection by the scientific committee is final.

Referees will decide whether abstracts are accepted (with amendments, if necessary) or not accepted and, if accepted, whether they should be oral papers or posters. They will also assign oral papers to the most appropriate sessions for the symposium.